Alert affecting Emerade 500 and 300 Adrenaline Pens


We have been alerted by the Medicines & Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA) of a safety issue, potentially impacting all Emerade 500micrograms and Emerade 300micrograms auto-injectors (also referred to as pens).

The issue may mean that pens fail to activate to deliver adrenaline if they have been dropped. Premature activation was also detected in one Emerade pen after it had been dropped, meaning that the adrenaline solution may be released prior to administration. As a precautionary measure and due to the inability to identify this error before the auto-injector is used, the auto-injectors are being recalled from patients.

If you have been prescribed the Emerade brand of adrenaline pens, we have now issued an alternative prescription to your pharmacy for you. The pharmacy will issue whichever brand they can obtain (this will be either Epipen or Jext) and we will text you to confirm that we have sent this new prescription.

If you do need to use an adrenaline pen in the meantime, please use the Emerade pen as instructed until you are able to collect an alternative brand. If your first Emerade pen does not activate despite firm pressure, immediately use your second pen. Always carry two adrenaline pens with you and use them if you need to.

If you have the Emerade brand of pens detailed above and DO NOT get a separate text to say we have issued a replacement prescription, you will need to contact us as this will mean we do not know which brand the pharmacy has dispensed for you previously. Please note that this alert does NOT affect Epipen and Jext brands of adrenaline pens, nor does it affect the 150 micrograms strength of Emerade.

It is important that you, or those that may need to help you, familiarise yourselves with how to use adrenaline pens as there are differences between brands. More information, including training videos, is available on the websites for Epipen and Jext: please follow the links below:

Please contact our Medicines Management Team for an alternative prescription or if you have any questions or concerns.