Register with us as a New Patient




Catchment Area 

We can only accept registrations from residents living within our catchment area.  Please begin by checking that you are living within the grey area of the map before you complete any registration forms.

We accept registrations from residents of Haviland House.

If you are not sure that you are living within our catchment area, please contact us and we can advise you. 


We are a safe surgery

This means we are a ‘Safe Surgery’ for everyone with no fixed abode and will therefore ensure that lack of ID or proof of address, immigration status or language are not barriers to patient registration.

If you are of no fixed abode, register here.


Overseas Patients

If you are visiting the area from overseas and wish to see a doctor at the practice, the following policy applies:

  • All visitors from overseas are entitled to free emergency care at the practice providing they are staying within our catchment area.  These visitors will however have to pay for any prescriptions.