PPG: Meeting Minutes Executive Board March 2023





  • Lindsey B– Chair
  • Judith S – Treasurer
  • Hilary S – Secretary
  • Eric B - Walk Leader
  • Sylvia F – Committee Member
  • Phil S – Committee Member
  • Jo W – Practice Manager

Apologies: Sue P – Singing Leader


Actioned By

Minutes of Last Meeting

Minutes of meeting agreed



There is a balance of circa £2,350 left in the bank account. Awaiting validation of Tony.


Action: Moved the money box over to the book case and put another sign up to make it more obvious. Increase of £50 from the year before. Jo to ensure patient services ring or text Phil or Judith Skitt. Ask for more books on Facebook.

Water Dispenser

Surgery doing 50/50 of the costs and the costs are down now to £250 per annum. To continue monitoring this.


Patient Education Events

  • Mens Health – Monday 21st November – Dr David Stoke – low attendance, but very well evaluated
  • Womens health – Monday 16th January – Dr Alison Corney - Dr David Stokes – low attendance, but very well evaluated
  • ENT in March - Thursday 23rd March – Dr Joe Chalkley
  • All agreed it maybe the winter that people do not want to turn out.
  • AGM – Wednesday 17th May – Jon Akehurst – Role of the Paramedic Practitioner
  • Open Day – Thursday 13th July 2023 – Pet therapy – Jo to contact us.
Future ideas

Trying to prevent diabetes, ? mental health (MIND), dealing with children illnesses (Catherine during school time)

JW - Done

External Noticeboards

All done and looking fantastic


Singing Group

Going well, low in numbers – around 8 = think this might be the winter. Do another campaign in Summer?


CQC Inspection

We managed to achieve outstanding again. Huge thanks to Judith for representing the PPG and spending time to write to the inspector with all the evidence. We are in the top 1% of the country now!


Community Open Day

Jo to write letter for patients to go to shops etc.

Jo to contact pet therapy and brighton and hove (albion in the community), Worthing town football club (Russell Martin). Walking football



  • Econsult – not working as well –it is a pilot – Jo will feed back to the partners
  • Mailchimp – PPG Sign up – Judith to look into this.

Date of next meeting

  • June 7th – Pre open day 12 noon – 1.30 p.m.
  • 26th April – pre AGM – 12 noon – 1.00 p.m