PPG: Meeting Minutes Executive Board October 2022





  • Judith S – Treasurer
  • Hilary S – Secretary
  • Eric B – Walk Leader
  • Sue P – Singing Leader
  • Sylvia F – Committee Member
  • Phil S – Committee Member
  • Jo W – Practice Manage

Apologies: Lindsey B – Chair


Actioned By

Minutes of Last Meeting

Was not reviewed at the meeting, but review since the meeting showed that all issues had been actioned.

Must remember to review minutes in future meetings, but all committee members happy that this was a true reflection of the meeting.



There is a balance of £2,381.18 left in the bank account after the purchase of the amazing microscope that is used all the time by the GPs to the great benefit of the patients.

Therefore funding is tight and so the spending request of a bicycle rack was turned down, due to finances, but also the committee felt that there was already a bike rack in place.


  • this has taken a real dip in income. Patients are not putting the money in, although the books are still being taken.
  • Action: Move the money box over to the book case and put another sign up to make it more obvious.

Water Dispenser

Discussion of how much this is actually used and the costs seems really high, up to £600 per year. Jo to speak to Gill Beall about whether we can reduce costs and only have it on during the summer months? Also will surgery go 50/50 Jo committed to look into this.

JW to ask Barry to move the box and draft wording for sign

Patient Education Events

It was agreed – Face to face meetings in the education room – 6.30 – 7.30 p.m.

  • Mens Health – Monday 21st November – Dr David Stoke
  • Womens health – Monday 16th January – Dr Alison Corney
  • ENT in March - Thursday 23rd March – Dr Joe Chalkley

Jo to get dates from GPs. It was agreed these would be at 6.30 p.m. for one hour – face to face

  • AGM – Wednesday 17th May – Jon Akehurst – Role of the Paramedic Practitioner
  • Open Day – Thursday 13th July 2023



Finally done. Committee remarked the steps were much better for the walking group as well.


External Noticeboards

The existing one is quite dangerous. Committee had a look and decided it would be best to replace it for two smaller ones on the wall of the surgery.

Judith and Hilary to look into costings etc.


Singing Group

Going well, numbers have dropped off slightly, but still around 15-16 people attend.


CQC Inspection

Was not the most pleasant experience, doubtful we will maintain outstanding rating as it is almost impossible now. Patient Improvement Group will meet however when the draft report is in.


Date of next meeting

  • Wednesday 15th March 2023 at 1.00 p.m.