Non-NHS Services




The majority of consultations and services carried out at this surgery are paid for by the NHS.  However, where additional services are provided, we are required to pass on the specific cost to patients.  The type of additional, non-NHS funded services most frequently requested include:

  • Insurance forms
  • Holiday cancellation forms, medical reports
  • Fitness to travel certificates
  • Private prescriptions
  • Private letters

Our fees for these services, which are in line with BMA approved national guidelines, are below and displayed in the surgery.

All services will take a minimum of 2 weeks to be completed (due to the coronavirus outbreak, services could take up to 6 weeks currently).  We are unable to take urgent requests so please allow plenty of time for your form to be completed.

  • Private Health forms eg. BUPA – £30
  • GP Declaration from medical records - £30
  • Private letters “To Whom It May Concern” – £25
  • Fit to Travel letters – £30
  • Holiday cancellation forms – £35
  • Private sick notes (classed as private letter) – £25
  • Private prescriptions – £15
  • HGV/ PSV Medicals – £120 
  • Taxi Driver Medical – £115 
  • Pilot/ Racing Driver Medicals – £120
  • Ofsted Reports eg. Childminding – £35
  • Firearms Licensing Forms – £75
  • Assessment of Capacity – £135
  • Power of Attorney – £135
  • Adoption/Fostering Medical – £100
  • Council Tax Exemption Form – No Fee
  • Brief Summary Printout of Patient Record to support claims for housing/benefits (we are unable to provide letters) – No Fee

Fitness for Sporting Medicals

Due to the complexities and wide variety of requirements for fitness notes for activities, and because this is not an NHS service, the decision as to whether we can provide you with confirmation of fitness will be made by your GP.

The GP will assess the request in order to determine whether it can be done here at the surgery and also, dependent on the amount of work it takes, the fee that this will incur.  This assessment will take up to 14 days from when it is handed in.  If the GP is happy to proceed, please allow a further 14 days for the paperwork to be completed.    

If we are unable to deal with your request, or you need this completed sooner than the 28 day service we offer, we may be able to signpost you to an alternative option.  


There are a number of services the surgery is unable to provide, these include:

  • Concessionary bus pass forms
  • Visa medical examinations
  • Blue badge application forms

For services such as these, independent health professionals should undertake assessments in place of GPs.