PPG: Meeting Minutes AGM June 2022




A welcome was given to those present

Judith S, Phil S, Hilary S, Jo W, Eric B, and Barbara H


Apologies for Absence

Apologies were received from Ian L, Sylvia F and Lindsey B (who joined at the latter part of the meeting)


Minutes of the previous AGM

The Minutes of the previous AGM meeting held on 14th May 2019 were approved.

  • Proposed: Barbara H
  • Seconded : Hilary S


Annual report 2022

The annual report was shared and further detail given on the Patient Improvement Group and work with schools was shared.

As we all know, we have had a difficult couple of years since our last AGM. All activities were put on hold due to COVID, but have now restarted. On a positive note, an increased number of patients are now using our Facebook Page.

Our Patient Improvement Group is meeting quarterly to look at how we can improve. Patient surveys have been the focus of this group in 2021/2022 ; writing the questions and responding to the survey responses. We have also been looking at ways to improve the telephone experience.

Another group meet with the schools and colleges across Worthing to see how health and education can work together to ensure children attend school. The practice and schools/colleges also share safeguarding contacts on this. The practice holds team meetings with parents, teachers and/or SENCO staff to try and put provisions in place to get children into school. No letters are written to schools anymore by the GPs in the practice to say that a child cannot attend. Instead the project has committed to direct communication with each other.

The group has written a joint letter to all parents to let them know of the close working. St Lawrence Surgery and Victoria Road Surgery has been the trail blazes for Worthing on this project.

Judith Skitt


Treasurers Report 21/22

During 2021, a fundraising campaign was promoted on Facebook. Monies raised through this, along with a gift aid claim, totalled £5000. We added to this from money already raised and were able to purchase a High Resolution ENT Microscope.

Quite a few people have registered with Amazon Smile. You purchase as normal but Amazon donates 0.5% of the net purchase price of eligible purchases to us. The income from this is small but every little helps.

Income from the bookstall has suffered due to the drop in footfall at the surgery. People have begun to buy books again although income does not seem to reflect the number of books taken!

I would like to thank Tony Ede for checking the accounts for me. I would like to propose that he is appointed as the independent examiner of the accounts for 2022. Could I ask for a seconder for this

Judith S

  • Tony E was appointed as independent examiner for 2022/23
  • Proposed: Eric B
  • Seconded : Phil Skitt


The following Officers & Committee Members were appointed.

  • Chair - Lindsey B
  • Secretary – Hilary S
  • Treasurer - Judith S
  • Eric B
  • Sylvia F
  • Sue P
  • Phil S

Jo shared the chart showing how the PPG is organized with an executive board and related groups. Discussion took place on the opportunities for patients to be involved in different projects according to their specific interests.


Any Other Business

Eric reported that numbers in the walking group were down since COVID but that around £200 had been accumulated to give to the PPG.

The singing group have now restarted.

There was a brief discussion about the open day, which it is hoped will take place in summer 2023. Planning will commence early next year.

The updated noticeboard was commented on and it was suggested that details about the walkers and singers groups were shown on it. Hilary also shared how she plans to drawn attention to national campaigns etc. e.g. Movember.

Barbara suggested that the PPG organization chart was shared on Facebook and on the noticeboard.

There followed discussion about the surgery phones and possible online sessions focusing on specific topics.