St Lawrence Strollers 




Our Patient Participation Group continues to hold a weekly walking group welcome to all patients.

Long and short walks are enjoyed every Tuesday morning and are greatly appreciated, as is the dedication of our trained walk leaders. We meet at the surgery every Tuesday in the Education Room and start walking at 10.00.a.m.  Eric Bridger is co-ordinator of the group supported by Zen O’Sullivan.

Some of the benefits of walking regularly:

  • Increased cardiovascular and pulmonary (heart and lung) fitness
  • Improved management of conditions such as hyper-tension, high blood pressure, diabetes etc.
  • Increased muscle strength and endurance
  • Reduces excess body fat and reduces the risk of developing heart disease, osteoporosis and some cancers

The best way to learn more about the group is to pop-in to the surgery around 09.45 on a Tuesday morning where a warm welcome is guaranteed, you could even bring a friend!

For more details please contact the surgery.

Walking Group Guidelines and Principles

  • Name of group: ST LAWRENCE STROLLERS – an independent walking group affiliated to Worthing Healthy Walking Groups. The group was formed in February 2015 and its mission is to promote walking as a well-being measure. The other three groups affiliated to WHW are Broadwater Strollers, Durrington Walkers and Heene Walking to Health
  • Purpose: The benefits of regular exercise, walking in particular, are well documented. In consultation with the medical staff, we wish to provide registered patients and staff (including retired staff) at the surgery with opportunities to undertake regular local walks and additional off-site walks. Non-patients are welcome to join us under the WHW umbrella.
  • Meetings: In general, the group will meet every Tuesday in the Education Room ready for a 10.00am start. If sufficient walk leaders are available, two walks – a long walk (approximately 1 hour) and a short walk (approximately 30-40 minutes) will take place. Separate notification and information will be available for off-site walks – whether on a Tuesday or on another day. All walks must adhere to the basic guidelines outlined in a future section.
  • Insurance: St Lawrence walk leaders are covered for third party liability insurance within our own insurance policy. If walk leaders help with another group, public liability is covered by the Worthing Healthy Walking Groups insurance. It is essential that members of the walk are made aware that they are not covered by insurance and should seek their own cover should they wish to do so. All walkers undertake walks at their own risk. This information must appear on the original registration form and should be signed by the participant – indicating that they are aware of this.

The Role of the Walk Co-ordinator

  • To maintain and update these guidelines
  • To maintain and update a register of walkers and provide the surgery with contact details etc in respect of this
  • To store contact details and any health concerns at the surgery so that ready access can be made to these in the case of an emergency
  • To promote the work of the group through advertising via notice-boards, leaflets, through the website manager or other appropriate means.
  • To organise a system regarding the donation of monies in respect of refreshments etc. This may well be delegated to another. 
  • To collate and store all resources appertaining to the group
  • To establish and display a rota for walk leaders. It will be assumed that all walkers will be available to undertake their lead role – if they are unable to do so they should swap with a colleague or inform the walk co-ordinator of their unavailability.
  • To liaise with the other three walking groups in the area and host meetings
  • To encourage and arrange for the training of new walk leaders via the agreed process.
  • To encourage all walk leaders to undertake or refresh First-Aid Training as appropriate
  • To be responsible for the storage and completion of accident forms
  • To represent the walk group at relevant meetings and conferences
  • To host a meeting of all walk leaders as and when necessary
  • To represent or send a representative to regular Friends of St Lawrence Surgery (PPG) committee meetings
  • To maintain a list of qualified walk leaders

The Role of Walk Leaders

  • Ensure that they find a replacement and/or inform the Walk Co-ordinator if they are unable to fulfil any rota date
  • Must be trained according to the procedure identified
  • Should be familiar with the route to be followed having been advised regarding any particular risks involved.
  • Should ensure that the walk is safe and effective and that the participants have a positive experience
  • Ensure all walkers complete the registration form prior to setting off
  • Ensure that they have a mobile phone with them in order to contact the emergency services if necessary and to contact Jo Wadey (0773103916) at the surgery.
  • Must ensure that a first-aid kit is available 
  • Must ensure that all walks, long or short, are accompanied by at least two walk leaders. Groups over 20 in number should operate on a ratio 1:10.
  • Must be prepared to cancel a walk in the event of adverse conditions and /or insufficient walk leaders are available.
  • Must wear appropriate hi-viz clothing to identify their role and visual presence
  • Ensure that any accident forms are completed and handed to the Walk Coordinator as soon as possible
  • Should be observant throughout the walk and keep a general eye on walkers well-being.
  • Ensure that walkers keep together and wait for any ‘stragglers’ to catch up.

The Role of Walkers

  • To understand that they undertake all walks at their own risk
  • To complete a registration form and health check prior to walking and understand that this information will be lodged securely at the surgery
  • To follow the designated route under the guidance of the walk leader
  • To enjoy the exercise and socialisation
  • To wear appropriate footwear and clothing
  • To report any concerns to the walk leader


These guidelines are based on established principles of the group, common sense and reflect current good practise as stated in training guidelines issued by Walking for Health and the Ramblers Association. They can be amended at any time and is it important that all changes are shared with all those involved in
the work of the group.

Forms and leaflets will need to be revised and published in order that all parties have a full understanding of their roles. 

Formally agreed at the committee meeting held on 17th March 2015.